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Cabal: Altar of Siena B2F Guide

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First of all, click the statue when you are warped inside the dungeon:

Then, kill all Cannibal Murshid for you to be able to use the first warp door

Now, this is kinda tricky. You have to kill the 2 cannibal Marp AT THE SAME TIME.. My advise it, have your pt bring down their HP at half. Then, have a Wizard (dual caster) or a Force Archer (Twin Gunner) kill them. A "Hurry Up" will appear. Dash your way to the warp door. Else, you have to do it again.

After Killing the Marps, Destroy the Sid Gate:

Maku Sha (Mini Boss) will then appear

After defeating him, destroy the first fire gate:

When you get across the firegate, you will see an odd looking altar. Your mission is to collect Polluted Marp and Polluted Murshid samples. Go with the Polluted Marp first. Click the left pillar. BE SURE YOU ARE ON BM2 PRIOR TO SUMMONING THEM THEY HURT!!!
**NOTE If your samples are not enough for the said mob, you can turn the switch again after 30 seconds

Do the same for the Murshids. Hitting the RIGHT pillar this time.

When you're done collecting the samples, hit on the table.

Then go straight to the next room. You will see an egg like Red Stone. Hit it.

Cannibal Marps and Polluted Marps (next room after Cannibal Marps) will then appear. This is a test. KILL THEM ALL

After killing the polluted Marps. Go back to the room where you initially clicked the egg-like stone and Maku Sha will appear.

After killing Maku Sha, proceed straight ahead and you will pass by a lot of fire gates. At the end, there is a room with lots of Maku. Kill Them!

After some time, Siegfried Veniti (BOSS) will appear. Be careful, he has a one-hitter attack.

Then proceed straight ahead. Destroy the fire gate.

After the first fire gate, proceed left and you will see an altar. Click the RIGHT pillar.

Then, another fire gate need to be destroyed. Thereafter, another odd looking altar would be in front of you, click the RIGHT pillar. Then proceed.

Then, another egg-like stone. It is located at the right hand side corner. Prior to clicking it, be on Battle Aura because an army of Cannibal Leaf will appear.


Then, go upstairs again and hit the table.

Proceed inside the tunnel and kill all Cannibal Leaf.

After some time, Dorigo Heta(Mini Boss) would appear. It would be 2 of them. Kill them both.

Then exit and destroy a fire gate.

Continue traversing the path and you will come to see a brazier. It will give you information about Tilia Deviatre (Boss). Kill her.

NEVER CLICK the coffin behind her or else she will spawn after killing her.

Continue traversing the path that will open (via Sid Gate) then you will once again encounter a brazier (it will give you information about Smern.. a BOSS).

Then, SMERON TRICKY will appear. KILL him.

FINALLY, the last battle: THE QUEEN!!! Prior to entering the warp, go on BM2+aura and whatever buffs you can have (attack.magic). Then, go straight ahead at the end and KILL her majesty.

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